Urban Health – Center for Healthy Aging

UHP purchased one hundred $50 gift cards.  The nutrition and social services departments worked closely together to identify patients over 65 with food insecurity and they were provided with the gift cards.

They purchased 3 year pre-paid memberships from MedicAlert, a not for profit organization eager to work with them for 66identified patients.  The pre-paid 3 year membership option was chosen so that annual renewal fees would not become a barrier for the patient and family who may not be able to afford renewals.MedicAlert conducts the annual renewals themselves once the patient is signed up.

Urban Health Plan (UHP) purchased a VNG machine. The VNG is a test of the inner ear and portions of the brain. The VNG can help the provider understand the causes of patients’ dizziness or balance problems and recommend interventions that can prevent falls. Falls in the elderly can be particularly debilitating leading to long term negative health outcomes or even patient institutionalization.

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