We invest in our Communities
The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and parts of New Jersey
Our Mission

The Mission of the Ponce De Leon Foundation is to strengthen the communities served by Ponce Bank by supporting charitable causes and organizations located within any county in which the Bank has a branch office. The Foundation awards grants to local not-for-profit organizations and community groups that provide programs focused on affordable housing, education, healthcare, social services, economic development and cultural diversity including housing assistance, scholarships, local education programs, local not-for-profit medical facilities, and other similar types of organizations or civic-minded projects.

Focus Areas & Past Grant Recipients
Cultural Events
Our culture is our community. We celebrate diversity and take pride in where we’ve come from and where we’re headed.
Economic Development
A rising tide lifts all boats and the value of a thriving local economy has never been more evident than during the pandemic. Let’s build a network of support for the local businesses that are engines of resiliency for our communities.
Where you live shouldn’t limit access to education. Let’s make the sky the limit for anyone who wants to learn.
A lack of equality in healthcare services leads to chronic health issues that could be both treatable and preventable with education and support. While flattening the curve of the pandemic let’s balance the scales within our healthcare system and give our community members the care that they deserve.
Housing affordability is more than just a hardship experienced by individuals. Its scarcity can have many side effects on a community's overall health.
Our futures were built on their shoulders and we can learn so much from their experience and love. Let’s provide support, dignity and community to our seniors to whom we owe so much and who often ask for little more than a warm smile and a helping hand.
Social Services
Every community is unique. Let’s support the many needs arising from communities that are creatively woven from the dense fabric of our diverse cultures.
They’re our future and we need to give them hope. Let’s provide our next generation with tools not just to survive but to thrive in a rapidly changing world.