Grant Opportunities
The Ponce De Leon Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations that benefit communities in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Union City, New Jersey. We accept online application through our submission form on Apply Now page.

Our priority areas are: Affordable housing, healthcare, economic development, education, social services, cultural events and targeted programming for youth and senior services.
Regions and Core Priority Areas
Ponce De Leon Foundation only funds registered 501(c)(3) or non-profit organizations.
We do not fund 501(c)(6) organizations.
We do not fund religious, political, fraternal, Quasi-Governmental entities, or individual activities.
The minimum request is $5,000 with the maximum being $30,000.
A limit of $30 million in consolidated assets will apply to all grant requests. More details outlined in Request for Proposal.
All entities applying need to submit the required documentation. No exceptions. 
Entities cannot apply for a grant request of more than 10% of their operating budget.
Grant Restrictions
About Your Organization
Brief description of your organization, its mission, history, programs/services, accomplishments and past program results.
Statement of Need – what issue does the proposed project intend to address?
Description of target population and community to be served. Gaps in existing services or programs which would be met by grant funds.
Rationale for proposed project – how will the funds benefit the community?
Proposed Project Description
Program approach and outreach methodology – How do you intend the address the issue and how do you ensure it will reach those it is intended to assist?
Staffing and oversight – Who will provide the service and who will supervise the process?
Goals & Objectives – State 3 Program Goals and Objectives
Project Evaluation – What will result if you meet your goals and objectives?
What changes do you expect to see in the community as a result of your project?
How will success be measured?
Sustainability – How will the gains be maintained after grant has ended?
Budget and Budget Justification - Template provided in page 7 of Request for Proposal.
Required Documentation - Audited Financial Statements, IRS 990, NYS CHAR 500, a copy of the organization's IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter or other non-profit status, etc., more details outlined in Request for Proposal.
Project Timeline - Outline major activities, benchmarks and anticipated outcomes.