Spanish Speaking Elderly – RAICES – Casa BienEstar Extension

(As of December 2020)

Raices Casa BienEstar has continued to cooperate seamlessly, and there has been no interruption in individual, group, or medication management sessions. Based on our clients' feedback, they are reportedly engaged in treatment and have even reported an increase in rapport and trust with the clinical team.

Both the Clinical Director and psychiatrists addressed all crises. They were able to provide appropriate intervention and avoid psychiatric admission.

The Clinical Director also conducts wellness assessments by phone to inquire about participants' support system, emotional and physical needs, including medication and food insecurity.

(As of June 2020)

RAICES created a contingency plan including staff's transition to working remotely by phone to ensure the continuation of service provision and prevention of social isolation. Their goal was to continue to tackle the issues that often plague older adults, namely, loneliness, anxiety, depression, economic hardships, and food insecurities.

RAICES is now offering practical programming for their participants who are currently forcibly homebound and living with a more profound sense of despair and loneliness.

Established a new service modality through their "Telemental Health Program."Raices Casa BienEstar remains fully operational, but the pattern of service provision has transitioned to telemental health.  The Department for the Aging is now providing home-delivered meals weekly to their participants.

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