Sapna NYC - COVID-19 Healing & Recovery for Asian Communities

Through their case management, Sapna worked individually with clients and their families with linguistically accessible, culturally competent services. They offered walk-in or appointments in-person on Thursdays and Fridays for community members who require in-person assistance. They also offered virtual appointments Mondays through Fridays. Sapna's case management is especially helpful in connecting women to benefits like SNAP, cash assistance, WIC, disability, etc. as low digital literacy and English proficiency make it hard for them to complete applications on their own. In the case management intake, they also were able to connect community members to other programs and services at Sapna like their mental health counseling, ESOL classes, citizenship classes, etc.

• In 2022, they conducted case management with 85 individuals, working on applications, enrolling people in classes, connecting to healthcare, etc.

• Sapna NYC connected community members to $104,900 in emergency assistance funds in 2022 through NY Government assistance and foundation grants.

• Staff completed 103 applications for SNAP food stamps, cash assistance, NYS Emergency Rental Assistance Program, NYS Excluded Worker’s Fund, and more.

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