Project Find – Day for Night and Dinner at Coffeehouse

(As of December 2020)

The Day for Night initiative served hot, nutritious meals to 25 homeless individuals five days a week.

Social worker has helped approximately 80 individuals through guidance with obtaining replacement Medicaid and SNAP benefit cards, as well as with SCRIE (Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption) and housing applications along with other government officials.

Social Worker has completed 22 Nutrition Screening Initiative forms designed to identify and address nutritional problems in older adults.

(As of June 2020)

Dinner at Coffeehouse and Day for Night programs provided dinner to between 75 to 100 people per night.  Additionally, up to 15 people accessed the Day for Night program, four times a week until March 10.  

Grab and go meals have been a lifeline to approximately 40 homeless people five-days-a week.

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