Project Find – Day for Night and Dinner at Coffeehouse

ProjectFIND provided both the Dinner at Coffeehouse and Day for Night programs fromJanuary 2020 through March 10. Throughout this timeframe, Dinner at Coffeehouse provided weekly a robust dinner to between 75 to 100 people per night.  Additionally, up to 15 people accessed theDay for Night program, four times a week until March 10.  

OnMarch 15 they were instructed by the City to close senior centers and stop activities and congregate meals and to institute grab and go meals.  The grab and go meals for senior center participants faded out on March 23 and then moved to an entirely home-based meals delivery program. The once a week Dinner at Coffeehouse program had to be temporarily halted as a result of this measure, but will resume as soon as theCity opens senior centers for sit down dining.

They have continued to provide Day for Night throughout the pandemic because theCoffeehouse Senior Center advocated for and received special permission to provide takeaway meals five days a week since many of its members are homeless and would not be reached otherwise. These grab and go meals have been a lifeline to approximately 40 people five-days-a week. Day for Night was a four day a week program, but this has now been temporarily expanded to five days a week. The City is providing temporary assistance for much of the food costs which they anticipate will only last until late summer/early fall.  

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