Ponce De Leon Foundation Announces 2021 Grant Awards

Bronx, New York, (December 22, 2021) --- The Board of Directors of the Ponce De Leon Foundation is pleased to announce it has awarded a total amount of $320,000 to nonprofits that are making a difference in our communities.  Since its inception in 2017, the Foundation has granted over $1.0 million in grants.

Madeline V. Marquez, Executive Director of the Ponce De Leon Foundation, stated “we are privileged to have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the communities that we serve.” Carlos P. Naudon, President and Director of the Ponce De Leon Foundation, stated “we are proud to be able to provide financial assistance to nonprofits in our communities while improving the overall quality of life to those that we are committed to serve.” Steven A. Tsavaris, Chairman of the Ponce De Leon Foundation stated “during these difficult times in our community, the Ponce De Leon Foundation is proud to recognize all of these entities whose commitment and passion for helping others is consistent with the values and mission of our Foundation.”

Act Now Foundation, Inc.: $10,000 for the Alzheimer’s Care Program.

Andromeda Community Initiative, Inc.:  $20,000 for the Masonry Restoration Program.

Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless, Inc.:  $25,000 for the Therapeutic Counseling Expansion Program. 

BOC Capital Corp.:  $25,000 for the Entrepreneurs of Color Fund.

Daniel’s Music Foundation: $10,000 for the Group Music Class Program.     

Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.:  $15,000 for the Jumpstart New York Program.

Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club, Inc.:  $20,000 for the Kips Bay Arts and Emotional Wellness for Youth Program.

Latino Pastoral Action Center, Inc.: $25,000 for the Bridges Amelioration Clubs.

Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service:  $20,000 for the Expanding Case Management Services program. 

Neighborhood Housing Services of Brooklyn, CDC, Inc.: $15,000 for the Homeownership Promotion and Preservation Initiative.

Neighborhood SHOPP, Inc.: $25,000 for the SHOPP Senior Virtual Connections Initiatives.

New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Inc.: $25,000 for the Financial Management and Loan Readiness Program for the Women Entrepreneurs of Color.  

Palisades Emergency Residence Corp.: $10,000 for the Emergency Shelters Services Program.

SapnaNYC, Inc.:  $20,000 for the COVID-19 Healing and Recovery for Asian Communities Program. 

Save Latin America, Inc.: $10,000 for the Diabetes/COVID-19 Outreach Campaign.

The HOPE Program.: $15,000 for the Digital Literacy Training for Low Income Jobseekers Program.

Union City Music Project, Inc.:  $10,000 for the After School Orchestral Music for At-Risk Hudson County Children and Youth Program. 

Union Settlement Association.:  $20,000 for the Union Settlement Workforce Development – Career Academy Program,

About the Ponce De Leon Foundation: The Ponce DeLeon Foundation is a private 501(c)3 charitable corporation launched in 2017with a generous gift of stock and cash from Ponce Bank, when the Bank was converted to a mutual holding company.  Ponce De Leon Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the communities in which Ponce Bank maintains full-service branches. With this gift, Ponce Bank made clear its commitment to continue its tradition of supporting the communities it serves. For further information on the Ponce De Leon Foundation, you can send an email to Grants@Poncedeleonfoundation.org. 

About Ponce Bank: Ponce Bank is a subsidiary of PDL Community Bancorp, a NASDAQ company trading under the symbol PDLB. Ponce Bank is a federally chartered stock savings association headquartered in the Bronx, New York.  The Bank’s business is conducted through the administrative office and 13 branch banking offices. The banking offices are located in the Bronx (4 branches),Manhattan (2 branches), Queens (3 branches) and Brooklyn (3 branches), and Union City (1 branch), New Jersey. The primary market area currently consists of the New York City metropolitan area.  www.poncebank.com (718) 931-9000.

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