Per Scholas – Bronx Tech Training Program

They have enrolled 132 students, 93of which transitioned from in-person to remote training and 39 enrolled into entirely remote courses.

They plan on enrolling an additional 258 students in fifteen courses throughout the rest of the year remotely, though they plan on reassessing a return to in-person training by September2020

Of the two courses that have finished in 2020, 76% of students have graduated. Despite the shift to a virtual learning environment and the number of personal and financial hardships many of the students are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related recession, the current national graduation rate is 83%.

They continued to enroll students from communities and groups underrepresented in the tech workforce. This meant providing needed technology to many of our students who did not have access to personal laptops or wifi. They offered all remote students with these technologies with loaner laptops, mifi hotspot devices, webcams, or headphones so they can continue to train overlooked and underserved communities throughout New York.

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