Per Scholas – Bronx Tech Training Program 

In 2019, they enrolled 311 new students in the Bronx across 16 classes – representing 78% of their 400-student goal for their site. Across the seven classes that were still in session, 121 students were enrolled. Given the recent renovation of their training site in the Bronx, their ability to start classes was slightly delayed at the beginning of the year.However, they are still on track to reach the original enrollment goal and tooffer a total of 21 cycles in the Bronx -- with five more cycles starting before the end of the year.

Per Scholas students continue to come fromo verlooked communities and groups underrepresented in the tech workforce. Of their newly enrolled students in the Bronx, 37% are African American and 33% areHispanic/Latino, 33% are young adults ages 18-24, and 18% identify as women.

With all the supports in place, they have been able to achieve an in-progress graduation rate of 84% for the nine classes that were completed in 2019.  PerScholas will maintain and expand its connections with tech industry leaders in NYC to ensure that graduates are welcomed as new employees.

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