Forest Hills Chamber – Jazz Thursdays Free Outdoor Concerts

Held 3 Free concerts to benefit the Queens community audience which was comprised of diverse ethnicities and ages ranging from kids to seniors.

The first concert was on Sunday June 9,2019 at the Forest Hills Chamber’s Festival of the Arts. The BartlettContemporaries performed live outside on 70th Road between Austin Street andQueens Blvd.  The 2nd concert was held onThursday August 15, 2019 outside on 70th Road, Forest Hills, NY. Richard Boulger’s After Hours Band performed live. The 3rd concert was performed on Thursday August 22nd in the same location as the first with the Bartlett Jazz Ensemble.

Social Media was sent out and Facebook ads reaching nearly 20,000 people inviting them to join the concerts. Thousands attended the festival concert and approximately one thousand people attended the two August concerts.

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