Forest Hill Chamber of Commerce – Jazz Thursdays Free Outdoor Concerts

(As of December 2020)

Virtual Jazz Thursday Concert https://www.youtube.com/watch?V=1QF1X7FQBTE

Promotes the chamber’s mission of Commerce, Culture and Community.

Brought our community together during a Pandemic to still be able to enjoy free Jazz with friends and family that hey have been attending and looking forward toyear after year.

Promotes the Forest Hills Community to encourage visitors the come and “Eat, Shop, Love Forest Hills”.

(As of June 2020)

Will have the ability to live stream one concert.

The outdoor Jazz Concert will be held in conjunction with the Shop Forest Hills Fall Festival which will be running one block long, reduced from 7 blocks due to the pandemic. The performance will be on 71st/Continental Ave and Austin Street.

The jazz ensemble performing is The Rakiem Walker Project consisting of 7 band members.  

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