Daniel's Music Foundation - DMF Group Music Class

Daniel’s Music started 16 years ago with one keyboard class serving five individuals in a small studio on the Upper East Side. This small keyboard class was the first of our foundational Group Class program, which has now served hundreds of local participants through a variety of instructional music classes.

With that aim in mind, we accomplished the following through DMF Group Classes this year:

- We enrolled 200 adults and children (above age 3) with I/DD and physical disabilities into weekly Group Classes over the course of the Spring, Summer (4-week session), and Fall semesters. All in-person participants reside in the New York metropolitan area and attend classes at our music center, which is located in East Harlem.

- We provided 900 free Group Classes throughout the year. During the fall semester, we offered 48 weekly music classes that were available Mondays to Thursdays, and on Saturdays.

- Enrollment between our Spring and Fall semesters more than doubled, and we offered free classes during a 4-week Summer Session in July to newly enrolled students. Typically, summer classes are limited to students who had attended the preceding semester.

- Our Fall 2022 semester included a culminating event in which each participant was given an opportunity to perform a group musical piece that they worked on throughout the semester with their classmates. This ‘Music Celebration Week’ was hosted at our music center (participants were encouraged to invite their family and friends) from December 5 to December 10, 2022.

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