Brooklyn Botanical Garden – Greenest Block in Brooklyn Contest

(As of December 2020)

Webinars and practical how-to-blogs widely shared via Brooklyn Botanic Garden @ Home.  

Community Greening staff advised special projects like constructing backyard food production beds and connected gardeners to free plant resources at a time when many household incomes and access to food were limited.

BBG promoted the census in:

4 e-newsletters (150,000 subscribers)

2 Greenest Block e-newsletters (750+ subscribers)

1 Facebook post (BBG has ~110,000 followers)

(As of June 2020)

“In the Community” featured in the weekly marketing email sent to BBG’s general audience list of over 150,000 subscribers, including Greenest Block in Brooklyn Participants.

Summer Community Greening email to BBG’s general audience list.

This will mark an enormous leap invisibility for the Foundation, as this bi-annual email, typically sent to a subset of 4,000 subscribers, will reach over 150,000.

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