Act Now Foundation - Alzheimer's Care Project

The goal of the Alzheimer’s Care Project (ACP) is to help keep low-income seniors in their homes by connecting them with vital programs and supportive services that help reduce the cost of long-term care. Specifically, the program consists of providing 4 key care issues including: case management, assessment, treatment, education and support, and legal considerations.

The program was scheduled to service 24 seniors in-home and in community forums such as Senior Centers, Housing Authorities, Libraries, or Churches from July through December. However, the program serviced 38 seniors for a total of 93 seniors served annually by this program in 2022, (46 projected). Therefore, increasing program activities by 100%.

The overreaching program objective is to establish treatment plans that optimize health, function, and symptom management with an emphasis on economically and socially disadvantaged people. All treatment plans are revised and adjusted as the disease progresses, allowing for the highest level of independence.

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